About – Xtreme Fighting Championships


What we do

XFC is the next generation of MMA. We’re known for entertaining fans with the rowdiest action-packed events, both on television and in stadium venues.

Xtreme Fighting Championships, Inc. is the first publicly traded premier international mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, operating under the ticker symbol XFCI. Our broadcast distribution has reached more than 780 million households and partnered with 36 broadcasters worldwide, including HBOMAX globally, the FOX media family in the United States, and numerous popular networks in Latin America.

Our Roots

Established in 2006

XFC has a vision to seek out, sign and brand a new generation of mixed martial arts fighters. Xtreme Fighting Championships assembled the most exciting and well-rounded MMA fighters from around the globe who compete in all major weight classes for both men and women.

Interested in becoming an XFC fighter? Email matchmaker@xfcfight.com

The Foundation

XFC’s fighter-centric leadership team prides itself on discovering the next generation of rising superstars and showcasing them in the same hexagon as today’s top veterans. XFC believes the most talented MMA fighters have yet to be discovered as the organizational model rewards fighters who seek out and accept the toughest challenges. Because of this belief, XFC’s popularity has grown exponentially since its inception.